Dr. Trần Duy Hiến

PhD in Probability and Statistics (2009), New Mexico State University, USA.

Dr. Tran Duy Hien graduated with a doctorate in Probability and Statistics in 2009 at New Mexico State University, USA.

He is currently teaching the course such as Calculus 1,2,3; Linear Algebra, ODE & PDE, Discrete Maths, Probability and Statistics for Engineering, Probability and Stochastic Process, Bio-Statistics and Business Statistics. Prior to work at Tan Tao University, Dr. Hien taught at Notre Dame University and Central Michigan University, USA.

Besides teaching, “Structure dependence of random variables” and “Model of probability and statistics for exploiting big data” is the current direction of his research.

Recent research publications:

[1] Tien-Dung Cao, Dinh-Quyen Nguyen, Hien Duy Tran, “Exploring Message Correlation in Crowd-Based Data Using Hyper Coordinates Visualization Technique”, in Predictive Econometrics and Big Data, Studies in Computational Intelligence Vol 753, Springer .

[2] Hien D. Tran, Uyen H. Pham, Sel Ly, and T. Vo-Duy, “Extraction Dependence Structure of Distorted Copula via a Measure of Dependence”, Annals of Operations Research, Vol. 256, No.2, pp. 221-236, 2017

[3] Hien D. Tran, Son P. Nguyen, Hoa T. Le, and Uyen H. Pham, “An Alternative to p-Values in Hypothesis Testing with Applications in Model Selection of Stock Price Data”, Robustness in Econometrics, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 692, pp. 305-319, 2017.

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